Summer has come and gone🌻, it's a new academic year 🗓 and students are back in school 👧🏫👦. And just like the resourceful school administrators, and the talented teachers, Springring is back stronger and better than ever! New features, new releases and much more🤩! Take a look at the Springring updates that we’ve rolled out this season 🍂 and what's made it into our Q3 Springring updates.

Introducing Bambino and Bambina 🦉🤗

Our new comic Feathers is finally out! Bambino and Bambina are moving into Spring Falls with their parents. The twins are ready to learn, grow and have lots of fun doing so! And sometimes, in order to grow, they need to ruffle their feathers and learn to fly.

Click here to read the comic on our blog to stay up to speed on the adventures the twins embark on.

Make your own comic 📖! Create your own adventures, learn to draw, or recreate a favorite moment. Download our free "Make your own comic" template.

Post Merge is Here 🤝

With the new Springring Post Merge feature, teachers can create a group of posts that are personalized for each parent or student. They can also send text with supporting images, videos, or even documents. Don't forget to enable your notifications to stay in the loop!

For a more detailed step-by-step walkthrough of how to use Post Merge, click here.

Say Hello to the Student Diary 📓👩‍🎓

Teachers asked, and we listened. The Student Diary is live 😍! 

The Student Diary is a space where you can share student’s progress with parents. Parents can monitor their child's progress throughout the school year, and students can also track their academic performance and improve as the year unfolds. It helps teachers communicate with parents much easier, and helps parents stay in the loop even more regularly. To learn more about the Student Diary, click here.

The Student Diary feature is currently available only on:

  • The Springring Teacher Web Portal
  • The Springring Parent Mobile App

We love hearing back from our Springring community. So, please feel free to share your feedback and experience with us 🤗your likes, dislikes, concerns help us bring you a smooth path to better communication.

Stay Tuned for More 👀

We have a lot more features, releases and integrations coming your way! Bigger and better things are in store like a web portal feature for students, Student Diary on the Teacher mobile app, alongside major enhancements on our entire platform!