Springring - Features

A Unified Communication Platform for Schools

A platform that brings School Admin, Teachers, Students and Parents together. Not only linking people but systems as well.

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Revolutionizing School Communication

  • Admin
  • Teacher
  • Parent
  • Student

School Administrators will no longer have to deal with clunky systems and multiple channels to manage all their School Communication.

Springring not only offers them a unified cloud-based platform, but an intuitive and user-friendly solution.

User-Friendly Administration

Springring’s Admin interface is very intuitive and easy to use. School Admin can navigate, create, manage user type, and allow access and permissions with ease

School Boards and Events

School Admin can create as many boards as needed. They can add users and post any form of media (photo, video, text, polls, events...etc.) Admin can also create a school calendar and events

Import User Database and Groups

School Admin can import a User Database by uploading an Excel file. Springring’s system then takes care of the rest by creating the school’s structure and inviting users

... and many more administration features that promise to make your job much easier!

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With the administration of users and school-wide communication taken care of, Teachers can focus on their classes.

Springring can help in creating classes, managing the messages and ensuring open communication with parents. It has never been easier!

Class Boards

Teachers can create Class Boards for each class, or multiple boards for a single class to communicate anything. From class events, test results, or even field trip notices, Teachers can choose what the Boards contain

Class Posts

Teachers can post any form of media (photo, video, text, polls, events...etc). They can assign alerts or pin-to-top to ensure parents are reminded of important communication

Chat and Office Hours

Chat groups are automatically created between the Parents and all the Teachers of a Student. This makes for an informal, bi-directional communication. Teachers can also set specific office hours to be disturbed while doing other tasks

As a teacher you'll have more time for what matters, and ensure that your students and their parents are on the same page as you!

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Parents will no longer struggle with multiple channels of communication. They won’t have to monitor and manage several platforms to obtain information. All their children’s school communication is now at the palm of their hands.

School Boards & Class Boards

Parents can access the mobile application to use Springring. They can view School and Class Boards, posts, get notified of school alerts and events


Parents have an easy and direct communication with their children’s Teachers. They can chat instantly with any Teacher and share media through the communication platform


Parents are able to save important events directly to their personal calendar. They can view the school’s calendar and organize their personal calendar accordingly

Bookmark & Share

Parents will be able to bookmark important communication for quick access. They have the ability to share content to other social media networks or with people outside the platform

It’s a mobile app that encompasses all your school communication and important dates in one place. You can finally focus on what’s important!

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Coming Soon!

We are working hard to create something awesome!

Expected Summer 2019