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My Top 3 Game-Based Learning Websites


Jawaher Bucheeri

17 November, 2021

Springring Teachers' Blog

I’ve been teaching elementary school students for a couple of years now, and the mantra I keep coming back to is: if you’re bored, so are they. I do have to admit that I have created lesson plans that even I wouldn’t listen to. So I started adding games into my teaching, to allow my students to engage with the material and get them motivated to learn. 

Here are my top 3 game-based-learning websites:


Quizlet is super easy to use and it helps my students study, learn, and practice. It’s my go-to tool for introducing new vocabulary, practicing pronunciation, and giving students vocab exercises. Quizlet also added a live feature that allows students to participate in real-time which is great for my hybrid-learning students. 


I came across Blooket and got hooked to this game-based learning platform. It has the best game scenarios and quests to add to the classroom. Instead of the questions being self-paced, Blooket adds some friendly competition between students. It challenges my students to answer correctly and as quickly as possible before their opponent. I’ve used this in class to check knowledge, grammar, and comprehension.



Honestly, I found Quizizz as a replacement for Kahoot. It’s a simple tool that creates quizzes for students to solve at their own pace and on their own time. When I’m pressed on time, I use Quizzizz to assess my students’ knowledge and comprehension.

These are my top 3 game-based learning websites. Gamification is a different learning experience for students, and it doesn’t matter if they’re in first grade or in high school. Just keep in mind that technology and gamification is a tool used in the classroom, it is not a replacement for teaching.

Though using games can increase student engagement, it is not going to help them meet educational goals. Instead, I encourage teachers to find opportunities within these technologies. Becareful not to use too many in one lesson, and take the time to teach students how to use these platforms.


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Jawaher Bucheeri

Hello, I'm Joo. I work as an English Teacher and Department Coordinator in a public school in Bahrain. My motto is, "if you're bored, so are they." I strive to connect with my students and make learning fun, meaningful and engaging.