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Tips For Teachers To Recahrge During The Holidays

hadeel from springring

Hadeel AlHaddad

22 December, 2020

Springring Edtech Blog

Teachers - it’s time for you to focus on yourselves this winter break! Teaching can feel draining at times, even if you love it! That’s why it’s important to take a break and make time for things that make you feel relaxed and happy. Here are some tips on how you can relax, recharge, reconnect and reflect during the winter holidays.


It’s time to finally pick up that mystery novel you’ve been tempted to read. Cozy up and unwind with your favorite book and a warm cup of coffee - or hot chocolate! You can also take some time to explore some of these fun and educational blogs for teachers. They are by teachers that like to share their experiences with the online teacher community.

Not the reading type? Camp on the couch and binge the latest Netflix show or movie!


You can love teaching and have other passions too. Take this time to get back to your favorite hobbies or pick up a new one. Kayaking is a fun winter activity in Bahrain. You can take a boat to Al Dar Islands where you can try this water sport. You can also try your hand at photography, painting, writing or baking.



Reconnect with yourself during the holidays. Give your body and soul the energy it needs to recharge and refresh. Sleep in, take a social media hiatus, practice yoga and meditation, take a walk in the park or read a book in your favorite cozy spot. Research shows that taking breaks will actually help you stay focused on your tasks and improve your idea generation approach.


When school is in session, you might be very busy with work, and your schedule can get filled with classes, grading papers and lesson planning. So full that you rarely have time to connect with the people you love. Take advantage of this downtime to grab coffee with a close friend (keep a safe distance, of course) or spend more quality time with your family - perhaps a movie marathon with lots of popcorn!



For students, winter break is a time for building forts, baking cookies and basically no school and definitely no homework. For teachers, it is a well deserved break and also a time to reflect and regroup for the rest of the school year. Take a day to review what has worked well and what needs improvement to make the next semester better and more fulfilling than the last.

One of the best things that you can do for your students is taking care of yourself. So, come the new year you are refreshed, energized and motivated to give your best to your students and attend to their learning needs. Make the most of this winter break and don’t forget to take care of you - because you are your students’ most valuable resource!

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