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Talent School Connects Their Community Using Springring

hadeel from springring

Hadeel AlHaddad

6 June, 2021

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 As a school grows, their school communication needs to evolve as well. “Teach. Make a difference.” That’s the motto Talent International School follows. They stuck by it, through and through, especially when it comes to making a difference in their school’s communication.

Talent International School aims to provide a friendly and family-like environment, making their students feel welcomed and motivated, thus attending school willingly. The school aims to help the youth to be confident, connected and actively involved life-long learners. They aim to help them seek opportunities to be creative, energetic, enterprising, enthusiastic, motivated, empathetic, action-focused, problem solvers and culturally connected.

In this blog, you will get an insider look on how Springring became part of the Talent International School community and how it reimagined their school communication.



At Talent International School, teachers and parents are on the same team. Parents cannot always be directly involved in the class itself like students are. Thus, constant and consistent communication with teachers is key. Teachers can regularly update parents through Springring in many ways. It can be indirectly through the posts teachers share on their Springring class boards. Parents of students within the class can see all the posts being shared. Teachers can also check in with parents regularly through the chat feature or by sending the parents a direct post. Communicating with parents consistently will also make them feel valued and give them more confidence in engaging with the school community.

Not only is parent-teacher communication benefiting parents. It also plays in favor of the teachers and benefits the students. Teachers that have parents on their side are an unbeatable team. For teachers, parents can prove to be a valuable asset in their school or class environment. When the communication is strong and the foundation is built, there is an added level of cooperation between the two. This is because there is a higher chance that parents will cooperate when they trust their child’s teacher. In addition, when parents are more engaged and involved in their child’s school environment, students feel that extra sense of accountability. When students notice that their parents are looking out for them and their best interest, they feel more confident and encouraged to excel at school.


After their first school year with Springring, their school communication has improved and strengthened considerably. Thus, they moved forward with the decision to enable the Springring Student App as well. The application has been enabled for students from grade 3 and above. This is so that these students can start to take charge of their education and be more involved and updated in communication within their school community.

“Springring is very excellent in terms of communication with students and parents in general and in particular.” - Ms. Zainab, Teacher at Talent International School.

Talent International School aims to create a friendly and family-like environment for its students. They are providing students with their own access to Springring. This gives them a sense of inclusion and belonging within their friendly and family-like school community. This also allows students to stay updated with their school activities and events, as well as upcoming tests and exams. Students at Talent International School are finally able to access all school information and communication all on one platform.



Today’s news is brought to you by Talent’s digital news bulletin board! Talent International School has found a way to treat their Springring school boards like digital bulletin boards. This feature allows admins at this school to share all the important news, urgent updates, and school announcements in one place! Not only is it visible for all other staff and teachers. Students and parents will also be able to view it on their respective mobile apps.

“We are very happy with the help Springring has given us. Our experience with Springring in one or two words would be: convenient and helpful.” - Noor Kaiskow, Admin at Talent International School.

During these uncertain times, schools, like Talent International School, have switched to online or hybrid learning environments. Admins at this school have taken the initiative to share important COVID-19 updates, news, national and school safety procedures through their Springring school boards. It  has helped many parents stay updated on how the current social and economic climate affects their children’s education. You don’t have to convince us any further - we are so on board!


At Talent International School, one of the most shared types of information on Springring classes or class boards is homework. Teachers of various subjects are able to share the homework for the day or for the week through their posts within these classes. Homework is not only beneficial for students to learn time management and be problem solvers. It also acts as a measurement tool for teachers to help assess a student’s learning, and whether they have understood the coursework.

“It is an excellent app to upload lessons and class worksheets to the app.” - Ms. Masooma, Teacher at Talent International School.

At Talent International School, coursework and homework is shared throughout all classes through Springring. This is mainly the case for subjects such as English, Arabic and Math. Not only do the students stay updated on what their homework is, but it also allows parents to be informed on this matter at the same time. This is the type of instant and effective communication that is encouraging to parents. It results in more parents wanting to be more involved in their child’s education and help them learn outside of class time. This will also help in strengthening their bond with their child and the communication they have with the school.


When information flows constantly and all in one place, there is a risk of important updates getting lost in the mix. However, with Springring, that will never be an issue. You as the admin or as the teacher get to decide what you feel is important or urgent. On that basis, once you create that post, you can set it as an alert. You can also choose to pin it to the top of the school board or class board for as long as you need to. This allows important news or urgent updates to always be viewed by anyone included in that board. Yes, especially parents.

“We can enable the app notifications and have alerts on the post itself, so that the parents can follow up with their children on a day to day basis on what they learn in school.” - Ms. Masooma, Teacher at Talent International School.

Some of the urgent information was on a school level. This was shared by the school administrators. Other important news was on a class level which was shared by teachers within these classes. Talent International School has utilized this feature effectively. Teachers, like Ms. Masooma, have expressed how much they found this feature to be very useful. It was especially helpful for them to communicate important information regarding coursework or homework.


We strongly believe that effective communication is the foundation to a school’s success. Springring and Talent International School share a common belief that helped integrate our platform so well into their community. They truly believe that better change comes through better education. Which is where Springring comes in to bridge the link between education and change. Because through better communication comes better education.

We empower educators to share their experiences. Share your teacher success stories, experiences with Springring, or a proud teacher moment! Reach out to us on marketing@myspringring.com. You can also refer an inspirational teacher at your school!

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