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St Christopher’s School Communication with Springring

sabreen from springring

Sabreen Bucheeri

25 May, 2021

Springring Clients Success Stories

Since 2019, Springring has become an essential part of all communication at St Christopher’s School. St Christopher’s is a thriving school and now provides exceptional education to over 2,300 children and young adults. The school puts a big focus on encouraging the idea that personal improvement and development is always possible.

“Learning is at the forefront of what we do; from the classroom to the stage to the base camp of Everest, we construct learning experiences that allow all individuals to flourish and become role models for the world.” - Dr. Simon Watson, Principal at St Christopher’s School

In this blog, we break down some ways that St Christopher’s has benefited from switching to Springring.


Springring gives teachers exactly what they need to help make their job easier and less stressful. One thing that many teachers have shared their opinion on is how much of a struggle it is to communicate effectively with parents. Springring is built with teachers in mind.

“We often post updates, reviews, key messages and information. I post messages as bitly links.” - Giles Dawson, Year 4 Leader at St Christopher’s School

Created to be the best portable teacher’s assistant, Springring allows teachers to share information through Springring posts. This can be in the form of simple text messages, links, documents, presentations, images, or videos.

 Like Giles Dawson, teachers in St Christopher’s have made use of this simple, user-friendly feature. This feature allows them to send their messages to students and parents. The information that can be shared on the platform is limitless. It gives teachers the freedom to share any updates, handouts, and homework at any time. This lets teachers provide students with a quality education, even in online learning environments.



No school communication is complete when parents are not included. It is very important to involve parents in school communication. Involving parents helps improve students’ behavior and attitudes within classrooms. Parent-teacher communication also helps students feel more motivated, and more confident. This also has an influence on students of all levels, including high school students.

“I personally find Springring very useful to communicate to all the parents at once.”       
- Giles Dawson, Year 4 Leader at St Christopher’s School.

Springring gives teachers the opportunity to communicate with parents instantly. It also allows teachers to directly contact a specific group of parents at the same time. This is possible through Springring direct posts. Any class teacher at St Christopher’s can send a direct post. Teachers find it especially useful when they want to communicate with only a specific group of parents. You can send a direct post based on the topic of your message. For example if some students did not attend class that day. You only need to send a direct post to parents of those students. No more having to send the same information multiple times. This is an example of how Springring saves time for teachers to focus on what matters most - educating their students.


The best thing about how St Christopher’s School has welcomed Springring into their school community is that it has made their communication seamless, impactful and instant. St Christopher’s School admins and teachers can contact families or parents within minutes. You don’t have to worry about meeting them in person. You don’t have to change your schedule around the most suitable time to meet them.

“We now use Springring for parent notifications. It’s a handy way to communicate to all of the parents at once.” - Siobhan Barrett, Reception Year Leader at St Christopher’s School

Sending emails and not knowing if parents have opened them. This has been a constant struggle among teachers. With Springring, parents can be notified by the school at any time, from anywhere, and in a matter of minutes. Teachers don’t have to worry about parents not reading their messages. Teachers, like Siobhan Barrett, find it very helpful to communicate to more than one parent at a time. They also find it very useful to have all this communication documented in one platform.

Communication should remain a high priority in all schools, as it continues to be in St Christopher’s School. Of course, each school communicates differently and for different reasons. Each school has its own communication challenges within their own communities. Springring provides personalized solutions to your school communication needs. It also helps them achieve their main goals. By staying safe, staying connected and delivering the best education.



Fostering curiosity and inspiring creativity in students is what Little Gems is all about. These early learning moments and experiences the students have on a daily basis are documented and communicated through Springring so that parents are consistently involved in their child’s educational environment, their milestones and accomplishments. Through Springring class boards, all student class activities and updates are documented and shared instantly with all parents, teachers and other school staff that have been included in the class.

At the end of the day, schools, teachers as well as parents share a common goal - educational success for all students. That stems from effective communication in the classroom, engaging communication with parents, and collaborative communication within the school’s admin staff and teachers. At Springring, we too share that common goal, and we have always believed that better communication leads to better education

We empower educators to share their experiences. Share your teacher success stories, experiences with Springring, or a proud teacher moment! Reach out to us on marketing@myspringring.com. You can also refer an inspirational teacher at your school!

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sabreen from springring


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