6 Reasons Why I'm Grateful for My School


Mai Bucheeri

14 December, 2021


From extracurricular to academics, my school has assisted me in exploring a multitude of skills and activities. As a result, I am thankful for school since it has helped me discover my passions, pushed me to seek new experiences, and altered my personality. I am grateful for:


As a child, I struggled with confidence and social awkwardness. On the other hand, participating in activities in school provided me with the opportunity to meet other students who shared my hobbies and interests. I gradually transitioned from an introverted position to a more social one through increasing interaction, making new acquaintances and gaining confidence. I can’t thank my school enough for having such a positive impact on my personality.

Furthermore, the activities I have participated in at school have provided me with leadership opportunities, competitions, and partnerships. For example, serving as vice president of the Student Council taught me to be a leader and take command.



The education process, which we started by learning to read and write, continues throughout life. We complete these processes with our teachers. As a result, I would like to thank everyone, especially my teachers, whose efforts I can not ignore. The people who have built me into the person I am. As a school teacher and as an educator who had the power to influence my mind to a great extent. Thank you to all teachers that created an environment of enthusiasm for learning, appreciation for growing and room for making mistakes along the way.



I am grateful to my friends for being there for me in my happy and challenging times. The ones that stood by my side and supported me in every decision I made. I am grateful for being able to cry with them over an exam we didn’t do well on. I am thankful to them for making my school experience memorable and creating memories that will last a lifetime.



My school had an incredibly diverse community which taught me about acceptance. I discovered that not everyone speaks the same language, dresses the same way, or eats the same foods at break time. I graduated from high school as a global citizen, interacting with people from many backgrounds and perspectives.



My school did more than just teach me the academic curriculum. It gave me lessons in life that I would not have learned at home. But, it aided in my development as a responsible global citizen. For example, you can become or achieve anything if you work extremely hard and put all of your efforts into it.


I never anticipated feeling grateful for my IBDP curriculum because it is a lot of work and sometimes more than a student can handle. But, I am aware that the quantity of work I had to complete during the last two years of school cannot be compared to the amount of work I would be assigned during college. Even though it required me to pull all-nighters, I am grateful for the knowledge and abilities I received from my subjects.

It is painful to know that my school life is coming to an end and that a new chapter of my life will begin. However, I believe that school truly prepared me for my future chapters. As a result, I am prepared to embark on my new journey.

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Mai Bucheeri

A student at Naseem International School. Independent and determined. I am curious and love to explore and discover new things. My curiosity, helped me gain new knowledge, and is the main factor in building my personality. As an extrovert, I love communicating & meeting new people.

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