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4 Ways to Stay Connected Throughout the Year

hadeel from springring

Hadeel AlHaddad

1 December, 2021

Springring Edtech Blog

Class communication is the key ingredient in classroom management. Recent studies have shown that students that have built connections with their teachers have shown improvement in academic performance and class engagement and participation. 

Here are a few ways teachers can maintain a strong connection with students all year round.



There are many ways and methods for you to communicate with your students. One of the most effective communication channels is an online communication tool. Many schools have adopted the right communication tool for their whole school. Whether it's a web portal or a mobile app or a combination of both.

We live in the age of continuous evolvement of technology and its presence in education is enormous. Teachers can incorporate these edtech platforms and communication apps to connect with their students. Whether it's to share instant class announcements or tomorrow's homework, some class communication apps can be your favorite digital teacher's assistant!

Springring Edtech Blog


Teachers have a passion to help students embark on a great learning journey and reach their goals. But, people forget that teachers are also human. Teachers love teaching but can have other passions too. It's important to share your passion with your students.

If you're teaching an english class and have a passion for music, breaking into a song in the middle of your poetry lesson can give your students an inside look into who you truly are - besides their english teacher! This allows students to connect with their teachers in a more meaningful way.

Incorporate your passions into your lessons. It will help the students connect to the material as well on a much deeper level and it will stick with them longer than you'd expect. This doesn't mean that it only applies to the confined classroom walls.

Online classes have just as much room for ways to share your passion with your students. For instance, end your lesson with a song that recaps the material they learned during this class. Sharing your passion makes all the difference, not only to your students, but also to you as a teacher.

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It's important to share your passions with your students. But it's equally important to encourage students to share their own passions. Create a safe and open classroom - or online classroom - environment where they can share their interests with you and the rest of the class.

Whether it's squeezing in a 5 minute show-and-tell at the end of class for the next month, referencing the latest football game in your math lessons, or just asking them to share their favorite holiday moments on the class communication app. Sometimes, it's the smallest ripple that can make a huge splash.

Springring Edtech Blog


Do you ever find yourself wondering why many students love their basketball coach? Or how you still remember the teacher that directed your school plays? Students tend to have a stronger connection with teachers that are a part of school activities the students themselves are also involved in.

Volunteer to direct the school's next Shakespeare play, choreograph a dance recital, or fill in for the P.E. teacher as the coach in this week's football game. Your connection with your students will grow not only on the field or the stage, but also where it counts: during your lesson in class. Students pay more attention in class when they have a strong connection with their teachers.

Springring Edtech Blog

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