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4 Easy Time Management Tips for Teachers


Jawaher Bucheeri

15 March, 2022

Springring Teachers' Blog

Time management is a struggle for everyone. Teachers are no exception. We often feel overwhelmed with all the over-flowing tasks, the never-ending lesson planning and the piles of papers we have to grade. Meanwhile, we have several classes to teach during the day. So I think you can now see how us teachers are always looking for ways to save time.

Even though we can't add more hours to the day, we can use tips and strategies to make the most of the time we do have. Here are four effective time management tips for my fellow teachers that I found very useful on a day-to-day basis:

Springring Teachers' Blog


Time management for teachers starts with prioritizing your daily and weekly tasks. Setting your priorities can help keep you in track throughout the day, even when unexpected events come up, or your workload gets overwhelming.

Identify your top priorities for the day, then organize your time around the most important tasks. I like to set my daily checklist the day before. That way, I'm awake the next day, having already mentally prepared for work. It puts me in a positive mindset.



Routines help. But realistic routines have a lasting impact. You know more than anyone what your tasks are. Create a routine that allows you to set specific time aside each day to complete those tasks. What's the best routine? That's easy. There isn't one! To find the right routine, you need to try different ones. Stick with the one that works best for you.

A routine that helps one teacher save time might feel like a tedious approach to another teacher. Stick with a routine that helps you. But, don't be afraid if it stops working for you at a certain point. It just means that it's time to try a new approach.



No is not a bad word. Learn to say no, smartly and respectfully. Don't feel like you need to take on everything that's thrown your way. Set boundaries when necessary. Consider your priorities — daily and long-term ones — and how a task might or might not contribute towards your teaching goals. How would this new task fit into your schedule? Is it urgent?

It's important to consider all the factors before biting off more than you can chew. Remember that it's good to be helpful, but not at the cost of your own mental health and not if you don't have time to give a task the proper attention it needs.

Springring Teachers' Blog


As important teaching, grading, lesson-planning and student needs are, your personal time needs to be a priority as well. Set aside time for yourself as well. When teachers are exhausted due to lack of sleep or down-time, your classroom management might take a hit and become less effective. Implementing time-saving strategies or class communication tips only work when a teacher is on her A-Game — energetic, healthy and refreshed. 

Allow yourself time to relax, exercise, read, and even the most necessary, sleep! Try to find the work-life balance that brings the best out of you every day, and keeps you engaged in class activities with students. Remember, a happy healthy teacher will inspire happy healthy students.

Time management is an important part of providing quality education to our students. These tips have definitely helped me find my teaching-groove. I hope they help you in finding that right work-life balance, and gets you closer to your teaching goals.


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Jawaher Bucheeri

Hello, I'm Joo. I work as an English Teacher and Department Coordinator in a public school in Bahrain. My motto is, "if you're bored, so are they." I strive to connect with my students and make learning fun, meaningful and engaging.