Autumn is here. The countdown has begun. Just a few more months until the end of 2020. And what a year it has been. Schools are reopening with safety plans. Some are adopting a blended learning model while others are teaching remotely only. School-home communication is now vital to ensure continuity in learning. We've completed a long list of features and updates just in time for autumn and here are the highlights.

A New Look

Springring New Look

With the start of a new, different academic year, we've decided to upgrade the Springring platforms. So School admin and teachers were welcomed with a new look. A faster, friendlier, and fresh web portal. Our main goal was to focus on speed and simplicity. Therefore, allowing Admin and Teachers to communicate as easily and efficiently as possible.

Direct Posts

School-home communication just got more personal. Springring Admin and Teachers are now able to send posts to specific parents and students. Updates, information, and communication can now happen on:

  • School Boards & Classes
  • Direct Posts

These posts are 'for their eyes only'. Direct posts are not shared on School Boards or Classes. They are sent directly to the Parent or Student. Learn more about Direct Posts here.

2-Steps for Smoother Communication

Two Steps for Smooth Communication on Springring App

We've split up the creation of a post into 2 steps. This makes it easier for Admin and Teachers to keep track of where, who, and what they are posting.

Step 1: Where & to Who? Choose where you want to post on. And send it to either Parents, Students, or both. Step 2: The Message. Give your post a title, description, and any extra attachments. It's that simple! Learn more about creating a post here.

Hello Editable World!

Hello Editable World

Introducing a new text editor. Posts and text got new styles. Messages can now be customized before being sent off to Parent and Students. These can be either bold, italic, or underlined. We've also included bullet points and numbers for list making.

Coming up next

We have a lot to do before the end of the year. But with the 'new normal' we have to adapt too. Some of the features include a Post-Preview for Teachers. And a Time Zone feature for our overseas schools. And major enhancements on our entire platform.

We encourage our users to share with us ideas that they would like to see in Springring. So go ahead, let us know what features you want next.

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